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Max Thieriot



When your best friend is spending time with someone else:


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Benjamin Godfre


Benjamin Godfre



My sister keeps sending me snapchat of her cheese balls….

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Look at this and then try to tell me Stiles isn’t bisexual

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it’s been four years and i haven’t
written a single poem, my boyfriend
asks if this is how i’ve always been,
he describes me as a wildfire, i
laugh and wear lipstick and buy
expensive perfumes and drink
champagne and let electricity spill
from my wrists like oil, i vacuum
two, three - sometimes four times
a day, my therapist says that’s not
a healthy way of dealing with loss
but i tell him that neither are pills,
sometimes he asks me about you,
i say you tasted like the sun and
touched me like i was the moon, it’s
all very sad, you know? the entire
dying part? it’s all very sad, i say,
some days i don’t want to get up,
on Sundays i watch the clock, i cook
potatoes and steak for dinner, he tells
me he likes my dresses and my pink
lipstick and especially when i read
him poetry, i don’t feel guilty when
he thinks they’re about him, i do feel
guilty that they’re always about you
— i’m sorry it had to end like this  (via irynka)
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have u ever tried to look cool in front of ur friends and u image